The Descent of Love

This is a story of a beauty and a gentleman who decided to live together forever but not alive. Even in death their Love was supposed to be the most powerful feeling the world has ever known.

“Let’s die together. Hold my hands forever” she said.

“Yes, my Love” he said.

“We just have to kill ourselves, in the same time. I’ll die first to show how big is my love for you. Then follow me. It takes a few minutes in the limbo. I can wait for you there. If you will be late demons will take me to the eternity of burning flames in Hell but I know you Love is pure and you will be there to save the love of your life” she hoped.

“Yes, my Love. No worries. No wars. Just you and me forever” he replied.

Fools in love… She was so naive. He was so narcissist. She killed her dignity for a liar and her soul is still burning in Hell. She is going to cry out for eternity.

Sad Love Story inspired by The Descent of Love by Ambra Rockess (from Darkling,2017)
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