I, You and Music: Chapter 1: Whiskey, Soda And Rock’n’Roll

His handshake, so strong and determined, had released me strange feelings; I did not know who he was, whereas I did not know all of Elisa friends, for all I knew, I might have seen him on other occasions and, like my bad habit, I had totally removed.

I and Elisa, instead, we had known at the home of friends when she had come to live in Lentini, because five years ago, only twenty years, decided to follow her old boyfriend, now former partner, leaving her much beloved Naples.

Despite his handshake had particularly struck me, I continued to not pay much attention friend of Elisa, of which I had forgotten the name the moment after introducing himself, especially since I was focused on the story of my friend who explained to me why it stayed here actually.

<< Elisa, sorry, but what was the name of that guy>>

<< It is called Gabriele, but all insist on calling Lele. Just to inform you, when it is presented, nice as you are, have you looked, you turned and told me “I’m cold Elisa enter” and you left! >>

<< Nooo! I have presented? >>

During the evening Gabriele tried several times to get my attention in every way, even to the point of giving me a themed gadgets with the evening, I had pointed several times, thereby giving me even a Jack & Coke cocktails:<< In the event that it still had cold >> ; affected by the gesture, and from my embarrassment, I knew only respond with a smile.

Almost at the end of the evening, he tried to convince me that the fun did not finish them, but I would have to follow him, who knows where, to dance rock music. The restaurant, where she wanted to follow him, is called Blow Rock, the same place where he had tried to take me so many times Elisa; but here the problem was not my bias towards the place, but not so much that I did not trust him, that still would not let go.

<< No thanks, I’m tired and I can not even stand, even your fault, and I listened with great difficulty to the music of the boys. They are not able to come somewhere then, and then no matter with you not going anywhere. >>

<< Come on, bad, come on … you like rock music right? >>

<< Yes, but maybe you did not understand me: I’m not coming with you anywhere! Even so, however, I do not know you. >>

<< Elisa knows me! >>

<<Do not bring up Elisa! I do not come apart, stop! I’m going, Elisa does not find her things and I … I just want to go home. >>

It is “sour” was my wacky way to defend myself when someone became too insistent, as he had been that night, for example. The plan was always the same, simple and effective, my face took on an expression of nervous, then disgusted that man harrassing and, if this were not enough, I answered so acidic and almost rude. Usually it worked, but someone more tenacious, and also all too masochistic, returned undaunted to bother.

The next day the funniest thing was not my hangover! That morning when I plugged it on my Facebook profile I found a friend request, Gabriele Donadei, not there and then on the spot did not remember who he was.

Gabriele Donadei "As who I am? I'm the poor boy who mistreated you,
              last night, in Augusta "

Over the days I let myself be carried away by the pleasant chat, because I believed that I was actually wrong impression that I had just met him, and although. Two days later, however, Gabriele had to leave for a 20 day holiday, booked some time with some friends in England but a chat evening made me promise that we’d still went out together on his return.

Gabriele Donadei "An evening at a pizzeria is not denied to anyone! Not even to
               worst enemy!"
Andrea Bisotti "But I'm not denying an evening ahahahahah pizzeria ...
             you never thought of the possibility that probably
             I do not feel like?"
Gabriele Donadei "So why have two days to speak with me until
               late at night? "
Andrea Bisotti "Because maybe you're afraid that going to sleep are the monsters
             under the bed"
Gabriele Donadei "I and I'm Santa Claus!"
Andrea Bisotti "I do not say ... I always wanted to know Santa
Gabriele Donadeti "Just do not accept more excuses, in twenty days you go to
               dinner out!"
Andrea Bisotti "You will see ..."
Gabriele Donadei "Give me the opportunity to make known to me at least, if then
               the evening will not be to your liking dileguerò I like snow
                  the sun ..... "
Andrea Bisotti "My goodness as you are insistent !!! Okay, back to your pizza".

When I wrote during his stay in London, absurd for as it sounds, I did really enjoyed talking with him and involved feel of its daily programs; in the meantime he began to tell me a bit ‘of his life, such as he loved music listening … Just before Gabriel returned he returned only to discover how, up a year ago, did the same thing with Elisa, and that he had not dumped at the outlet until a few days before our meeting. In all that I came to know also of other girls that evening at Augusta they had received from him the same invitation to Blow Rock. The only solution at this point, for me was to keep it as far as possible, I refused the invitation that had made me, and I invented all sorts of excuses all the other times I insistently asked me out. Obviously, Gabriele, not resigned to my cancellation of our dinner, for him unprovoked, he began to constantly ask me to go out together every night before and then at least twice a week, making it become a routine; When at one point, exhausted, he asked me:

Gabriele Donadei "But to go out with you that I do?"

Andre Bisotti "Wait for it to finish the exams?"

Gabriele Donadei "And when are you going to finish it?"

Andrea Biosotti "If all goes well between a three years!"
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Disegno di http://weheartit.com/

After a bit ‘of weeks began to walk away, as it was right that happened, even if still we continued to feel chatting. I realize that sometimes it is easier to keep people away, perhaps for self-defense, perhaps for stupidity or maybe just simple fear; other times, however, we should just look at the person that mainly attracts us with our own eyes and listen to a little ‘less to the advice of those who profess to “FRIENDS” who claim they want before your own good and then maybe their because 60% of the time behind what lurks envy, possession and resentment. It remains, however, the fact that we create this imaginary wall that ends up becoming like the blanket Linus, forgetting that this will not last forever because, at some point, someone will come who will impose breaking down the barrier that you’ve built. I, in fact, preferred to listen to my friend, I knew she loved me, had always acted like a big sister, and according to previous events, she really wanted to protect me from some errors.

At that juncture, however, as I said before, I had been in touch with Gabriele, thanks to Facebook; although in fact he was able to get my phone number, for reasons closely working since at that time I was the presenter of a music column for the local television channel TV Sicily, where I worked for two years with the rhythms of the boundary exploitation, where I took care of hosting local musicians who tell of their career. What I liked best of times when I was talking to him, besides his tenacity to ask me out, it was the way he could make me smile. I was known as a sunny person, I was laughing and I especially liked to make others laugh, so much so that some of my friends called me “the natural antidepressant”; but Gabriele, Lele, or any other name he wanted to be called, did not make me laugh because he could give birth in me a spontaneous smile, serene and live emotions, just enough … even a simple hello.

Gabriele is a musician, “Passion” plays mostly the five-string bass, guitar, six- and twelve-string, and a little ‘also the battery; all he had learned about music, including reading the sheet music, he had taught himself, by himself, but in real life he was an accountant for a company accounting Catania.

mong the many reasons why I and Gabriele, had not even begin to come together, in addition to having tried with girls I knew, including Elisa, there were twelve years apart, in fact we were comparing two generations distant. In any case, he did not let go, she continued to tell in small steps, even when I seemed uninterested, occasionally commented so cute, with several chat compliments, some of my photos posted on my Facebook profile. His likeable insistence brought me to say “yes” for a coffee, but still continued to not be so convinced, so much so that for me there was never an afternoon that was fine.

It took me a month to decide who actually wanted to go out with him. I had decided to say “yes”, initially to stretch a little ‘his agony while I was thinking about us and Elisa in all that was not much help.

<< Well, I really do not go out in your place. In this period as long as the girls breathe … and he asks him to leave. >>

<< I’m still a bit ‘undecided fact. >>

<< For me you should not, then you do! >>

Among the reasons I had convinced her to go out with Gabriele, there was my decision to take everything lightly, besides the fact that I did not know what to invent so I might as well give in to curiosity. But do not know why I liked the idea that he would become a “momentary pastime” and the more I wanted to tour with his beautiful motorcycle, a Harley Davidson, which made me think of “Rock’n’roll” by Led Zeppelin!

After little more than two weeks, after the umpteenth invented excuse for not going, but this time not because I did not want to go out with him, but simply because they demanded me to have in less than twenty minutes, I decided to tell him again because no one evening I was already organized with Elisa and other friends, who had managed to convince me to struggle, to go to the first summer evening, organized by Blow Rock, in Capannine lido. Unlike what I thought, that Saturday night, I was screwed because I, surprisingly, was Gabriele, but unlike him I was not surprised to see me there …

<< No quiet, you can even say hi to shaking a bit ‘hand. >>
<< E ‘a year I want to bring you here! >>
<< It happens! >>

Gabriele in that nightclub in fact was not absolutely alone, but in good company! Suddenly he looked at me, with a look that he knew of revenge and defiance, took her by the hand, pulled her towards him … and then kissed her! I can not explain exactly what I felt at that moment, but my fun evening was ending was with a pang in my stomach.

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