I, you and the music


It is useless to deny that social networks have changed the way we relate to others. Many relationships that arise from chat often becoming more intense than what we expect, such as deep friendships that sometimes turn into love even before the two people meet. This way there are no more territorial boundaries and is always easier to be able to find someone who has your passions and your own way of life …

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Disegno di http://weheartit.com/

Andrea Bisotti is a twenty-three-year-old journalist, and her career began when she was sixteen, a few years ago he began taking an interest in the world of music and musicians writing with some web publications. In recent issues began working for a local television station, TV Sicily, and in his spare time decided to treat a blog of his music critics, called “When is music over”, as the namesake of the Doors song. Andrea tries his hand as a music critic only for four years, beginning as a joke, and intensified only in the last year and a half beginning a real study of musical genres, to be able to distinguish between them by simply listening to the song, also studying well-known artists the music scene, global and national, such as Led Zeppelin, considered pioneers of hard rock, the Clash, the Doors, who made the blues rock their signature, Dream Theater, Guns N ‘Roses…Stadio, Nomadi, Litfiba but she is fond of Ligabue, friend and philosopher, who was always with her over the years, in fact, just with him did your passion for music.

Thanks to this work in a few years he had learned that: the musicians of very strong personalities but between them, almost like a subset, there are the “bass players” who are a separate category, separate from the others. What characterizes Andrea is precisely this affinity with the personality of those who in their musical path they have chosen, as a life partner, this instrument. Her with his radar, even in a room full of people, always able to find one, or perhaps the only one who is in that place.

Andrea lives in a country Lentini, in the province of Siracusa, thirty kilometers after Catania considered for so many reasons “House of Music”, and for the history that binds Vincenzo Bellini and because throughout the province are concentrated most of the locals host live music, all along with some music competitions, such as the Lennon Festival or the Lava Rock Festival taking place in Acireale.

For her, 2012 was a year characterized by new friends, finding new interests and the search for places where you can feel at “home” beginning to attend nightclubs, disco, evenings over thirty … all that were missing over a relationship too closed. In this way it is able to understand that actually what was surrounding it was really just a “plastic world”, made of beautiful lights, where the important thing is to come out, a loud music that keeps you from talking and where to win a girl, even if only for one evening, what matters is how much you spend to get you something to drink, and the private room that you can book …
This story, in fact, begins one evening in November when a friend of Andrea, Elisa, the proposed one evening, “Jack Daniel’s Party”, in Augusta, in a pub called The workshop of the Rock, just to break the monotony of a certain type of nightlife. The evening it appeared attractive because it would be characterized alcohol and such beautiful music thanks to a concert by a rock cover band. In many ways, impossible, improbable, strange, incredible discounted and can be born a love story? But above all what love story did not start with a friend who introduces you to a friend of his?

“Pleasure Gabriele”.

“My pleasure … sorry Ely got too cold, we go, please?”

“Try taking a Jack Daniel’s short warm up to you.



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